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Our Software

#1 Chiropractic Marketing Solution

Discover the ultimate solution for chiropractic practices with CHIRO MG's cutting-edge software. Our all-in-one marketing system is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of chiropractors aiming to streamline and expand their practices effortlessly.


  1. Comprehensive Automation: Our software puts your practice on autopilot, handling everything you need for growth seamlessly.
  2. Increased Leads: Experience a surge in leads, reaching a wider audience through strategic marketing initiatives.
  3. Patient Growth: Effortlessly attract and retain more patients, fostering the sustainable expansion of your chiropractic practice.
  4. Stress-Free Growth: Say goodbye to the stress associated with practice growth. Our software is designed to make the process smooth and stress-free.
Choose CHIRO MG for an unparalleled all-in-one marketing system, and witness the transformation of your chiropractic practice. More leads, more patients, and a hassle-free path to practice growth await you.

Unlock Practice Growth with the Ultimate Marketing Software

Introducing the ultimate marketing software designed to propel your practice to new heights. Our robust Virtual CA (Chiropractic Assistant) system takes automation to the next level, ensuring seamless and efficient growth for your practice.

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Online Bookings

Drastically increase your appointments by giving your existing patients and new patients the ability to book right online. Patients will be able to pick a day and time with the online calendar. Full integration with Google & Outlook calendars as well as select EHR systems.

Facilitate Seamless Appointment Scheduling

Enhance your appointment management process by empowering both existing and new patients to effortlessly book appointments online. With our user-friendly online calendar, patients can conveniently choose their preferred day and time. Our software seamlessly integrates with Google and Outlook calendars, ensuring a synchronized scheduling experience. Additionally, enjoy compatibility with select Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems for streamlined data management. Boost efficiency and patient satisfaction through hassle-free online bookings.

Minimize No-Shows with Automated Reminders

Say goodbye to missed appointments by implementing our automated text and email reminder system. Keep a constant connection with your patients and ensure their commitment by sending timely reminders directly to their devices ahead of scheduled appointments. With this feature, you can proactively reduce no-shows, enhance patient engagement, and maintain a reliable communication channel with ease.

Streamline Review Collection

Effortlessly gather patient feedback by automating the review process post-appointment. Our system automatically sends text and email requests to patients, providing a direct link for them to share their experiences. In the event of non-response, a follow-up mechanism is in place to encourage feedback. Manage and respond to reviews efficiently through a dedicated dashboard, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your online reputation. Take control of your reviews across platforms like Google and Facebook with our seamless review automation feature.

Enhance Communication with 2-Way Conversations

Transform your communication strategy with our centralized hub offering full 2-way business texting, emailing, and messaging on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business. Turn any computer into a communication powerhouse, allowing you to stay connected with all your patients through their preferred channels. Our feature ensures seamless and efficient interactions, fostering meaningful two-way conversations for a personalized and responsive patient experience. Stay in control of your communication methods and engage with patients effortlessly using our comprehensive communication hub.

Effortless Appointment Booking with AI

Experience the convenience of our Appointment Booking Bot powered by advanced AI technology. This intelligent system takes the reins in scheduling appointments on your behalf, reaching out to leads through text messages and collaboratively finding suitable openings on your calendar. Say goodbye to manual appointment booking as our AI streamlines the process, allowing your team to allocate time more efficiently. Embrace automation and free up valuable resources, ensuring a seamless and time-saving experience for both your team and patients.

Precision Insights with Advanced Call Tracking

Gain unparalleled visibility into your practice’s growth with our Advanced Call Tracking feature. Track each inbound call meticulously, providing you with precise information on the origins of new patients and how they discovered your practice. This invaluable insight helps you identify the most effective marketing channels, allowing you to optimize your strategies for practice expansion. Additionally, opt to record phone calls for quality assurance and training purposes, ensuring continuous improvement in communication and service delivery. Elevate your practice management with data-driven decision-making through our comprehensive Advanced Call Tracking functionality.

Boost Conversion Rates with Website Chat Widget

Elevate your website’s performance and drive higher conversion rates through our innovative website chat widget lead form. Experience the efficiency of collecting new patient leads automatically, eliminating the need for live interaction from your team. Sit back and relax as the chat widget engages visitors seamlessly, capturing valuable information and potential leads effortlessly. Enhance user engagement on your website and streamline the lead generation process, allowing your team to focus on other critical tasks while the chat widget works its magic. Maximize the impact of your online presence with our hassle-free and automated website chat widget.

Comprehensive Lead Tracking and Nurturing

Take control of your new patient leads with our robust lead tracking and nurturing system. Enjoy full pipeline management that allows you to monitor each lead’s progress, understand their position in the process, and identify the necessary nurturing steps to transform them into lifelong patients. Our system provides complete transparency, offering insights into the status of all your leads and their respective points in the patient journey. With this feature, you can strategically guide leads through the nurturing process, ensuring a well-managed and transparent approach to lead conversion. Elevate your lead management and cultivate lasting patient relationships with ease.

Powerful Email Marketing Solution

Unleash the potential of our robust email marketing software, designed to empower you to send captivating emails to your patient list effortlessly. Strengthen your relationship with patients through informative content, special offers, and event updates, all delivered directly to their inboxes. Our intuitive drag-and-drop builder ensures a user-friendly experience, eliminating the need for coding expertise. Craft visually appealing emails and maintain a consistent presence in your patients’ inboxes, fostering engagement and loyalty. Elevate your communication strategy with our feature-rich email marketing software for seamless, effective, and code-free email campaigns.

Efficiency Unleashed with Workflow Builder

Empower your office with unprecedented efficiency using our Workflow Builder. Say goodbye to repetitive tasks as you automate everything from lead management to patient interactions, appointment scheduling, and staff coordination. This advanced feature allows you to customize and automate workflows, ensuring that routine processes are seamlessly streamlined with cutting-edge technology. Enjoy the benefits of an extremely efficient office where manual tasks are minimized, allowing you to focus on high-priority responsibilities. Elevate your operational efficiency and experience a hassle-free workflow with our intuitive and adaptable Workflow Builder.

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